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About Us

We are The Mid-State Group – and we’re about more than just insurance.

Our Three Goals

Reduce Cost

Safety incidents, absenteeism, presenteeism, quality defects, employee turnover, diminished productivity, untrained leaders and unhealthy employees will only drive up SMB costs. Left unchecked without a proven strategy can severely handicap a SMB. Mid-State GPS helps our team identify those areas within Safety, HR, Leadership, Finance and Wellness where your business can improve and reduce costs.

Improve Profit

By leveraging Mid-State GPS and focusing on industry best practices, our team drives down costs that ultimately helps drive company profit. We specifically focus on Safety (including Cyber), HR, Wellness, Finance and Leadership to drive corporate success and profit!

Provide a Better Work Environment

Reducing cost and driving profit is a goal for every SMB. However, when done at the expense of a positive corporate culture or work environment, ultimately corporate growth and profits will suffer. SMBs depend on attracting, training and retaining top talent and those companies with an intentional and positive corporate culture will find success.

Meet Some of Our Team

As an entrepreneur, owner or executive, you have specific goals for your organization! What is the next level of growth (or success) you are trying to achieve? The Mid-State Group with our proprietary Mid-State GPS (Growth Positioning Strategies) is uniquely positioned to provide your organization with fortune 500 thought leadership to help you, your team and company grow. As a SMB, you are already overwhelmed by wearing a lot of hats, limited personnel, time and resources but your business needs expertise in HR, Safety, Cyber, Finance, wellness and Leadership to reach its true potential. Mid-State has hired top talent in each of these areas to ensure your business has access to the expertise and thought leadership it needs to succeed at a fraction of the cost (most of our clients pay nothing!)

Our Team

John Basten

Rusty Goodwin

Chris Judd